With 1st and 2nd division teams throughout Europe and into South America, GIVOVA has worked with professional teams to develop high quality fashionable products
GIVOVA is the top international soccer brand from Italy.  Professional teams around the world wear GIVOVA, as do national programs such as Malta Football.  This level of quality is available to soccer clubs in North America at very affordable prices.

Have a look at our product catalogs to gain a sense of the industry leading styles that bring a fresh look to the game.

GIVOVA is an innovative brand that features Box Sets with the key components for training available at outstanding prices, providing the base your players need without compromise and without exceeding team budgets.  GIVOVA achieves this through large volume production and a commitment to delivering these savings to consumers.

Discover why GIVOVA is #1 in Italy, outselling all other major brands.  Discover why this trend is sweeping through Europe, now arriving at the shores of North America.

Italian fashion.  Italian quality.  
Global performance.
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